The revival of the Wabansia Row II townhouses

Joel once called Wabansia Row “the Bucktown construction site that time forgot.” He wasn’t kidding.

On Dec. 5, 2006, Joel posted these photos in a “Work in progress” write-up about the townhouses under construction at Wabansia and Claremont avenues:

Wabansia Row Wabansia Row

Today, Mark brought back the following shots of the same site:

Wabansia Row Wabansia Row

Normally, those two sets of pics might reveal a difference of two weeks or two months, depending on weather, motivation and money, but two years?

I’ve lived a half-block south of Wabansia Row for the past year, and until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t glimpsed a single sign of activity at the site. I’ve wondered for months how the homes weathered last winter’s ice and snow, and judging from some of the e-mails I’ve received through our tip line, other folks out there have had the same thought.

But then, in mid-October, things started happening: Trucks arrived, new building permits went up, and until the time change, I’d see a handful of workers laying brick and installing bays every afternoon as I walked home from the Western ‘L’ station.

@properties agents Tony and Lisa Madonia, who handled sales for the first phase of Wabansia Row at 2340 W Wabansia Ave, are also marketing the 11 units in this phase, which bears an address of 2330 – 2334 W Wabansia Ave. According to the sign out front and the old Wabansia Row Web site, the four- and five-bedroom homes will have 3,100 to 4,700 square feet and will feature “extra wide floor plans,” “large terraces” and “unsurpassed attention to detail.”

The homes are priced from the $790s to $1.05 million, according to new listings on the MLS. I haven’t heard back from Tony or Lisa about the project’s history or its timetable for completion, but I’ll post a follow-up if I learn more.

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