With new name, The Clarovista to host grand opening next Wednesday

The Clarovista, located at 6238 N Broadway in Edgewater, Chicago

We’ve been taking stock of new developments represented by Jameson Real Estate, and The Clarovista – formerly “The Granville” – which is located at 6238 N Broadway in Edgewater, is among the larger ones. Former Koenig & Strey GMAC Real Estate agents Jim Murrin and Brant Booker came over to Jameson along with The Clarovista, and they decided to “rename it, re-launch it and hit the ground running with the new marketing initiatives here at Jameson and new marketing budget,” according to Murrin.

On why they made the move, Murrin says that Jameson owners Michael Sato and Chris Feurer “took the best practices of their experiences as agents, developers and brokers, and applied it to being owners.”

Construction on the 160-unit building is just wrapping up now, Murrin says, and he expects closings to begin next week. Just over half of the homes in the building have been sold, and the remaining 903 to 1,580 square-foot one- to three-bedroom condos are priced from the $250s to the $400s. Murrin says the prices have not been adjusted since Jameson took over sales and marketing, but qualified buyers can get interest rates 1.5 percent below National City Bank’s market rate.

On Wednesday of next week, Murrin and Booker will host a grand opening party at the building from 4 to 7 p.m. and unveil a couple of new furnished models.

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  • SheridanB 10 years

    Do they explain the new name? Did they explain where it came from? I’m intrigued, I want to know (seriously) because it just doesn’t seem to have anything do to with the neighborhood off hand.

  • Alan 10 years

    Not the greatest design (at least they used standard sized brick and have no blank pedestrian walls), but appropriate for that corner. I like to see the density on the El.

  • SheridanB,

    Take it from someone who has sat in on a number of building-naming meetings, though not this one. Odds are high that you’re far, far better off not knowing the thinking that went into the name.

  • cgcg 10 years

    That’s a pretty colossal podium (to say nothing of the terrible design) and it appears to mask a lot more parking than there should be for a building one block from an ‘L’ stop. Any word on a parking ratio?

  • Great density, but that’s a hack designed pile of crap.

  • SheridanB 10 years

    I like the density, but yes, it could have been a lot better designed – it looks ‘heavy’ to me, for lack of a better term – I walked past the other night and it’s quite ugly along Granville. I haven’t met anybody who thinks it’s attractive yet. The parking is for the commercial space(s) in the building – rumor (wishful thinking more) was that a Trader Joe’s would go in, but I think it’s an OfficeMax or the like. A lot of people (esp. Sheridan Road types and the anti-density crowd) in Edgewater freaked out about the density and got Broadway down-zoned after this was approved, which I think has killed a lot of new, transit-oriented development, which Broadway would be ripe for.

  • And that’s part of the consequence of bad design. Had this had the high density PLUS a unique striking [modern] design that 9 of 10 people really liked, that may have lead to winning over vocal density opposition. Instead, the nimby’s will use this as more fodder for their cause. Shame.

  • Paul 10 years

    Anyone looking to get out of this property please e mail me at paulbar025@yahoo.com. It is 2 years over due and if you want out let me know.

  • Paul,

    You really ought to provide greater transparency as to your identity and your motives in asking people to contact you in this fashion.

    In the absence of any clue as to who Paul is, and what his interest in this property is, I’d recommend that no one take him up on his offer.

  • […] 22, 2009 The Clarovista is the (re-branded) culmination of the largest construction project in my Chicago neighborhood of Edgewater in a […]

  • john 10 years

    great looking condo, i wish i could move into this building, but even working years full time on the third shift, i believe that I would still not be able to afford the monthly payments. I’ve been renting for years and am tired of throwing my money away. the landlord is the only one increasing his/her wealth not the tenants.
    over half the units already sold? in this bad economy, and high unemployment here in chicago and the nation, please someone tell me what i am missing. what kind of people are buying these condo’s. Do they know something that i do not know? I am very jealous of the people that are able to afford the condo’s. our Chicago and the nation is becoming more of a have and have nots. Its not fair, and disturbing. I am not a have not, but more likely in between a have and have not. In Chicago and the nation I see more and more condo’s going up, even in this horrible economic climate. But please someone please let me know what I am missing. Can anyone out their give me some advice? my email is jlang6161@yahoo.com
    thank you for your time.


  • FinanceGuy 10 years

    Part of the big problem here is the “have nots” getting what they want despite the ability to pay for it. Bottom line, people don’t have the money, these units are sitting and sitting and sitting and now are being rented out through apartment people. Most residences in Chicago require 2 incomes to pay for. People over leveraged themselves to buy buy buy and now if they haven’t lost their property they have lost value on their property… Now is a great time to buy, check with your local bank or check with Bank of America and ask them for their REO list, buy direct from them, cut out the realtor, just get yourslef a good real estate attorney. I hate to say this but until there are no more REO’s, Shortsales or foreclosures, new properties are going to realize their value and the Chicago market has not hit rock bottom yet. There are thousands of condo’s in development around the city that aren’t sold yet. Those condo’s will wind up property of a bank or as rental units… I am interested to see how the Olympics will affect the market here. I speculate that if we get them, there will be a local shortage of building materials and construction costs will go up. Combine that with dropping values and prices and profit margins, if they aren’t gone yet will be non existent.

  • isabel 10 years

    I went to the open house today.It seems they just slashed pricing. two bedrooms about 1100 sqrt are in lower 200s. It’s next to the red line so I am not sure if the noise would be tolerable.Is this a good neighborhood?

  • marcee 10 years

    Just went and looked at them the other day. Still plenty of units left at reduced prices $175,000-$205,000 for 2-bedroom, 2-bath. Heat, air conditioning and parking is included. All in all, I think, based on location, it’s a pretty good deal…

  • SheridanB 10 years

    I wonder how it would be to have an Aldi in the same building. Could be both a hassle and very convenient.