X/O nabs Gold Award for design excellence

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You might have heard that the Lucien Lagrange-designed X/O Condominiums are “the sexiest in the South Loop.” Apparently the National Association of Home Builders agrees, because it handed the development a Gold Award for design excellence at last week’s “Nationals” awards ceremony in Orlando.

Kargil Development LLC and Riha Design Group also nabbed awards for Best Interior Merchandising of a model priced between $400,000 and $650,000 and Best Digital Marketing Tool for a 3-D fly-by of the X/O’s twin towers and the surrounding South Loop neighborhood.

X/O’s no stranger to these types of honors – the development won a Gold Key for interior design from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago. We even declared the project Chicago’s best new high-rise in the May 2007 issue of New Homes Magazine, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Approximately 200 of the 486 residences at 1712 S Prairie Ave have been sold, according to Frankel & Giles Real Estate. Units in X/O’s 46-story north tower and 34-story south tower range in price from the $300s to more than $2 million.

Deliveries will begin in spring 2010.


  • Stokes 10 years

    Take THAT Fioretti!

  • UptownR 10 years

    That’s not a real architectural reward! This is definitely pretty good for Lucien LaGrange, but don’t kid yourself… It won’t be winning any real design awards any time soon.

  • Alan 10 years

    I hate awards being given out before they are even completed.

  • Gordy 10 years

    Anyone know when this is scheduled to break ground? Or has it already?

  • Gordy:

    They’re hoping to break ground this fall.

  • South Loop Update 10 years

    How come they did not tell you they quietly dropped their bogus lawsuit against the Alderman? It was relayed that he refused to sign anything to future action against the zoning issues.

    Would like to see the real sales numbers for X/O. Word is that they do not even have a final design, townhomes are not designed yet, etc. Do you ever notice there are no still renderings (especially the lower portion) for the project, and everything is a quick fly-by? I will lay odds X/O will not get built as designed or scaled. Some are questioning the ability of this developer to weather the storm and finance this project.

    Also being reported (by buyers) that Rokas International, a partner with Kargil on at least one other South Loop Project/Parcel, (not sure how many others) has financial issues and likely that the 2100 S. Indiana is in process of going into a ‘receivership’, so that project does not have a likelihood of surviving. We all saw what those numbers were before and after construction.

  • Dmac 10 years

    Yeah, NAHB is not really in the business of architecture, at least from what I saw over the course of 12 years attending that show.

  • South Loop Update is, of course, our old friend Jeffery who never tires of finding any pretext to hammer this project. Most people move on from ancient grudges; some don’t.

    “No still renderings” – grasping at straws are we, Jeffery? Anyone who’s interested can visit the sales center and see an elaborate scale model of the project.

    Notice the sly “some are questioning” – with no attribution. Some, indeed.

    And why should they tell us about the lawsuit when we’ve read about it and previously reported it?

    I won’t address the rest of this – you get the idea.

    I’ll give Jeffery this – he at least realizes that his credibility on this subject is nil and so adopts a different screen name.

  • jeff 10 years

    No Joe, I put the line title in the name, my tabbing error. My email was correct, so there is nothing to hide.

    1. Renderings – check the website or other – who cares about a mock-up; it seems vague information iis becoming a stategy.

    2. Where is it that you reported on the DEVELOPER
    dropped the lawsuit, when it just happened? I think you mean you have reported on the Alderman withdrawing the zoning new ordinance;after that the Developer kept the lawsuit despite the ordinace proposal being dropped. Credibility?

    3. Sly? Go talk to most qualified developer,
    sales professionals, etc.

    Credibility? A retired development attorney, writing puff pieces for developers, snicker. I think you might want to hold off on the credibility lecturing for today. My credibility is such that I will never have to send in my daughter in to smooth things over if I piss off a client to ensure I don’t lose the revenue for my business.

    It is the perception to some I know that New Homes Magazine awards are based on advertising $$$ spent on the puff pieces in New Homes Magazine (infomercial), not quality of what is actually built. You might want to ask, why are Oscars awarded to movies actually made; is there now a catagory for “Best Motion Picture for Movies That might be Made Two Years From Now”? Is the Super Bowl Trophy awarded after the previous years draft? Credibility, you crack me up.

    Previous articles on this site valdify the potential issue in trusting the accuracy of sales numbers presented; so how is this lacking credibility if someone else asks the same question?


  • There you go again, Jeff. You know your e-mail is non-public and that a number of people post under different names without comment from us.

    “It is the perception of some …” Where’d you learn this stuff?

    You didn’t learn it – you pulled it out of your butt. You have no hesitation to smear a developer or attack the integrity of our writers, with no regard for the facts and without even the least effort to check them. Match the awards against the ads and you’ll see your slur is just that. But you don’t want to see, do you? Gets in the way of the biases you nurse so assiduously.

    My daughter and her brother own the publication in question and this Web site. Not a nickel of the revenue accrues to me in any way. There’s something wrong with being responsive to customers when they’re displeased? Ever run a business, Jeff?

    You concede that we write things that irritate developers and in the same breath make us out to be shills for them. Pick up a Tribune or Sun-Times real estate section and see if you find as much negative info as we publish. Go comment on their real estate Web sites – oh wait, you can’t. No comments allowed. But you can comment freely here, and that doesn’t underimine your argument at all, Jeff?

    Did I say we reported that the developer dropped the lawsuit? Nope. We reported, as you note, that Fioretti nullified the basis for the suit. Most people can draw the appropriate conclusions. And most people who have any familiarity with the legal system know that suits aren’t dismissed hours after the basis for them changes.

    You don’t see the teeniest bit of irony in your Oscar / Super Bowl analogies when this post reports an award given to this project by a national group before the project was built? We have no credibility because we did the same?

    I’ll lecture your sorry ass on credibility all day long, Jeff. Mine’s based on what I do and the accuracy of what I say. You want to judge it on my biography – I once was an attorney and once was a developer. That really destroys my credibility, Jeff!

    You want to lecture me to talk to developer sales professionals? Want to place bets on which one of us talks to more of them? And which one of us they trust more to give accurate info to? And which one of us has the experience to make valid judgments about what they’re being told?

    If you want to gain any credibility you’ll start with an apology to our writers, who do their jobs honestly and in good faith and don’t deserve to be slimed by your ilk.

  • Wow,


    you really got to Jeff.

    He seems to be making it his business to know your business.

    I guess as protector of the south loop he has to do it.

    Oh well it has been said that one can be judged by the “quality” of their enemies; although with Jeff the word enemies might better be changed to enemas. This is amusing. He must spend hours trying to track down stories about the inner workings of “YoChicago”.

  • irishpirate,

    I’ll come to Jeff’s defense on this one.

    He’s obviously spent no time learning our business. Even Jeff could come up with something less lame after a few hours.