A Chicago highrise with views – of other highrises

This particular YoChicagoan isn’t a big fan of highrises but I’ve always admired their killer views. The downside is that there’s often a good chance that if you buy into one, your gorgeous views will be eliminated by something bigger and newer.

A resident of Outer Drive East, one of the older highrises in the city, tells us he once enjoyed fantastic views of Navy Pier and loved to sit on his balcony to watch the New Years’ Eve fireworks. But in the last few years, the slew of highrises that have shot up downtown have put an end to that. “These days I can still hear the fireworks and if I look at the glass on the other highrises I can see the fireworks in the reflection,” he says.

While the city skyline itself can make for great viewing, in this case I think he lost out….

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