A domu blog update on new downtown apartment construction

Despite its ease of use, we’re not a fan of domu’s rental search, but domu’s blog is occasionally a source of useful tips for landlords and renters.

Last week domu’s blog featured an update, with then-current photos, on the status of seven new rental towers that are underway in downtown Chicago. It’s worth a look.

Another seven or more rental towers are in various stages of seeking zoning or financing, and we plan to bring you Apartment profile pages for all of the new apartment construction in downtown Chicago, and update them as they progress. If all of the projects are built, more than 5,000 new rental units will be added to the downtown market in the next two years.

The first pages, AMLI River North, Habitat’s 360 W Hubbard St and Magellan’s Coast at Lakeshore East, are live and we hope to complete the others within a week.

The above aerial photo, shot by Michael Kardas on our helicopter tour last year, provides some fodder for speculation on how the 500 North Lake Shore Drive building will affect its neighbors’ views.

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