A Quad Communities Home Tour, Part 1: Revisiting Oakwood Shores in Oakland

As a part of our continuing effort to visit more South Side neighborhoods, I spent Wednesday afternoon with Bernita Johnson-Gabriel, executive director of the Quad Communities Development Corporation, and together we visited four new developments in the Quad Communities area, which incorporates sections of North Kenwood, Oakland, Douglas, and Grand Boulevard.

The first stop on our tour was a place that Mark and I last visited in April: the multi-phased, mixed-income development called Oakwood Shores, located near the intersection of Pershing Road and Cottage Grove Avenue in Oakland. Sales manager Monica Hernandez showed me around one of the few unsold units at Oakwood Shores, a three-bedroom / 2.5-bath townhome. Hernandez says the development has had some recent sales success, with two units newly under contract and nearing closing.

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