Apartment rental bedbugs – Yo’s do-not-call list

Southeast view from Superior at LaSalle, Chicago IL

Note: Consult the 2014 version of our do-not-call list.

New renters in Chicago are often confused or misled by Craigslist ads into believing that they’re contacting a landlord or management company when they respond to an ad by one of the apartment locators we call bedbugs due to their many noxious qualities.

Many bedbug-placed ads on Craigslist are for non-existent apartments or apartments only available at a higher price. When an ad does represent an actual apartment at the advertised price, it’s likely to be advertised by dozens of bedbugs, none of whom have any control over the property or knowledge of whether it’s still available for rent.

The bedbugs advertise their service as “free,” and that’s an appealing argument to renters naive enough to believe that they’re not ultimately paying the one month’s rent a bedbug receives as a commission.

Finding a good apartment in Chicago is relatively easy – unless you’re using a bedbug / locator service to find one. In that case, you’ll often be shown the difficult-to-rent dogs that landlords can’t rent on their own. As a bonus, you’ll be pressured into believing that these leftovers are the best available.

If you’re looking to rent in downtown Chicago or Lincoln Park, YoChicago’s Guides make it easy to see what’s available from all the major buildings and management companies. Searching the MLS at a reputable broker site and walking around your preferred area on the lookout for rental signs will expose you to almost everything else.

If Craigslist is your preferred source, we’ve prepared a list of bedbug / locator services to enable you to avoid being bitten. Here’s YoChicago’s bedbug do-not-call list:

  • American Realty Pros
  • Apartment and Condo Center
  • Apartment and Home Seekers
  • Apartment Connection
  • Apartment Guys
  • Apartment People
  • Apartment Savvy
  • Apartment Source
  • Apartment Vigilantes
  • Chicago Apartment Finders
  • Chicago Apartment Hunters, Inc.
  • Chicago Apartment Renters
  • Chicago Apartment Seekers
  • Chicago Apartment Solutions
  • Chicago Rent Finders
  • Chicago Signature Properties
  • Chicagoland Property Group
  • Chicagoland Rentals a/k/a Meyers Group
  • Chicago’s Property Shop
  • ChiLife Realty
  • Chicago’s Property Shop
  • Continuum Brokers
  • Crazy Steve
  • Downtown Apartment Company
  • Downtown Apartment Finders
  • Dwell Chicago Rentals
  • Elan Leasing
  • Exchange Apartment Finders
  • Fulton Grace Realty
  • Green Ivy Realty
  • Homescout
  • Homestead Group
  • HotSpot Rentals
  • HP Realty
  • Just Rent Chicago
  • Linear Realty a/k/a Linear Leasing
  • Live Well Chicago Realty
  • Loop Apartments
  • Luxury Living Chicago
  • Meyers Group a/k/a Chicagoland Rentals
  • My Chicago Flats
  • My Place Apartments
  • New City Rentals
  • New Urban Property Services
  • Premier Chicago Rentals
  • Prospect Equities
  • Red Door Realty
  • Rent Apartment Leasing
  • Rent Here Realty
  • Rent Proactive
  • The Rent Pros
  • Rent Smart
  • Renters Refuge
  • Rentology
  • Second City Apartments
  • Shaw Real Estate Group
  • Spaces Property Group
  • State Street Properties
  • Tricap Preferred
  • Trudo Realty
  • Urban Lux
  • Vesta Preferred Realty
  • VibeRent Real Estate
  • We Know Realty Corp

New bedbugs are constantly being spawned, so we’ve doubtless missed some. Add a comment to help us update the list.

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