Be wary of Evanston apartment hype

Evanston, home to Northwestern University, is an affluent, highly-educated North Shore suburb. It’s the kind of place where you’d expect landlords to avoid making inflated claims about their properties and locations. My conclusion from visiting dozens of Evanston apartment websites is that they’re typically far less factually accurate than you’d expect or like.

The eBrochure (pdf) for the new AMLI Evanston is representative of what you’ll find at websites for Evanston apartments.

AMLI Evanston is located 7 blocks from Lake Michigan, 7 blocks from the southern edge of downtown Evanston, and 12 blocks (about 1.4 miles) from the beginning of the Northwestern campus.

AMLI Evanston is “surrounded” on the east, west and south by residential development, except for a strip center with a new Walgreens that adjoins the property to the south.

There are a few small shops scattered along Chicago Ave and Main St to the north. Whole Foods is three blocks north on Chicago Ave and Jewel-Osco and Trader Joe’s are a block further.

There is a decent selection of restaurants within a few blocks of AMLI Evanston to the north, and The Alcove, a small venue that TimeOut Chicago’s Evanston City Guide recently ranked, as one of the best bars in Evanston.

Consult the reviews linked from YoChicago’s at-a-glance list of Evanston apartments for specific, factual information about a property’s location.

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