BlockWalks: The 2000 block of North Seminary Avenue in Lincoln Park / DePaul

In the text summary accompanying this video, Joe Zekas writes:

This is one of my favorite blocks in Chicago. I lived there for nearly eight years, in a duplex condo at a 50-unit apartment building I’d renovated into a 36-unit condo, and in a single-family home I’d rehabbed from a three-flat.

When I first arrived there, in 1978, parts of the area had drug and gang problems, but that didn’t deter me. The attractions included beautiful old streeetscapes, easy access to the L, to shops and restaurants, and, most of all, a wonderful variety of people of varying income levels, ethnicities and backgrounds.

It didn’t take long before I knew almost everyone on the block. Join me for a video walk and hear some of their stories.

Watch the second half of Joe’s Seminary walk and more of our BlockWalks on YouTube.

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