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Rate and review new homes

As traditional advertising and marketing lose their grip, people are taking their cues as to what's good and bad from peer reviews on the Internet. Y [...]

New Home Notebook, Phase I launch

We've had a long-standing goal of making it easy for you to find information about every new construction project in the City of Chicago. New Home No [...]
The elegant in the room

The elegant in the room

After "unique," elegant is one of the most indiscriminately-used words in the real estate language. I've often thought that others find the word as [...]

What's the best source for real-estate information?

In past generations, if you were looking to buy a home, the process was pretty straightforward: You'd get the Sunday paper, pull out the real-estate s [...]

What's wrong with new construction Web sites?

What isn't? Is there a more annoying category of Web site? The sites appear to be designed by passive-aggressive creeps who hate anyone who has the m [...]

Gawking in wonder at new Google Earth

Version 4.3 of Google Earth has just been released. It's an indispensable tool for anyone who wants a quick look at an unfamiliar neighborhood. The [...]

The Chicago only photographers see

Unless you're a photographer or someone who commissions photography, you're probably not familiar with the techniques of high dynamic range (HDR) imag [...]
Real Estate Wiki: Yet another way to pass the time

Real Estate Wiki: Yet another way to pass the time

Call me a nerd, but I can waste an entire evening clicking through Wikipedia articles. Napoleon, photosynthesis, that dastardly Don Denkinger; slap an [...]

Englewood and Dreamtown's bodyguard of lies

In the fictional town of Lake Wobegon "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average." Visit Dream T [...]
And then there's Winnetka

And then there's Winnetka

YoChicago focuses on new construction and neighborhoods in the city, but our sister company (Data Based Ads) ranges far and wide – managing ads for ma [...]
All news is local news: A conversation with Adrian Holovaty

All news is local news: A conversation with Adrian Holovaty

We were quite taken with EveryBlock, a new Web tool rolled out last month that aggregates news on a block-by-block basis, so we jumped at the chance [...] creator launches neighborhood news aggregator

Information junkies have been buzzing for the past few hours about EveryBlock, a new aggregator that creates news feeds for individual street blocks, [...]

America's most lucrative neighborhoods – Wicker Park

Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of neighborhoods in the country's fifteen largest metro areas that have experienced the greatest price appreciatio [...]

Home delivery in Rogers Park

Craig Gernhardt is a one man neighborhood crime watch, an all-purpose hyper-activist, and proprietor of the must-read The Broken Heart of Rogers Park. [...]

Artesian Green seeking green on Facebook

Last July we mentioned a proposed condo conversion at 1330 N. Artesian. The project is currently seeking investors to pony up $100K to $750K – throug [...]

Would you listen to a real estate podcast?

Chicago-based Jones Lang LaSalle is betting that investors and executives will have an appetite for short snippets from the real estate world. The gl [...]

Chicago is about to get Curbed

New York-based, which bills itself as “a gossip site” is closing in on its long-rumored Chicago launch. It’s long been one of my favorite r [...]
Trulia maps foreclosures

Trulia maps foreclosures

Trulia is now showing foreclosure properties, including lis pendens filings that may or may not represent active foreclosures. RealtyTrac is the so [...]

Lincoln Square businesses to fight eminent domain

An eminent domain battle is brewing - read about it at Save Lincoln Square. [...]

Carnival of Real Estate: Kick your way through a down market

Who digs World Cup soccer? San Francisco Realtor and blogger Kevin Boer is clearly a fanatic - this week he lends a soccer theme to Carnival of Real E [...]
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