Does Chicago Apartment Finders post lying reviews?

It’s bedbug vs bedbug out there in apartment rental service reviews.

Most of the rental services (bedbugs) limit themselves to back-of-the-hand slurs of their rivals, but one directly attacks Chicago Apartment Finders (CAF) in this post on Google:

It’s flattering that CAF is threatened by our boutique firm enough that they would would maliciously attack us and then give themselves a 5 star review from the same account … It appears Chicago Apartment Finders has been fabricating their feedback for at least one year. Review it. It’s quite obvious…

I created this company based on an experience I had in 2006 when I used Chicago Apartment Finders, along with a number of other Chicago companies, and was very dissatisfied with the service. The fabricated review, which I can only assume Chicago Apartment Finders left, is a complete demonstration of how they run their company, and what ethical boundaries they adhere by. Review their negative reviews on Yelp, you will hear the same horror stories over and over again.

The poster goes on to tout his company’s ethical standards (don’t they all?) and cite its positive reviews. As seems to be the case with nearly everyone who reviews rental services – except for the people who earn extra money posting positive reviews – a positive review of his company is the only one the reviewer ever felt motivated to post.

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