How to do your own (basic) home inspection

Tom Corbett

In the September issue of New Homes Magazine, which hits the stands later this week, home inspector Tom Corbett gives the lowdown on a few basic tests any new home should pass:

If you’re shopping for new construction, chances are you’ve been to countless sales centers and open houses, trying to narrow your search. As long as the building is more or less complete, you can perform a rough do-it-yourself home inspection that will give you a sense of whether it’s even worth signing the development’s guestbook or registering on a Web site.

This isn’t a matter of making sure the building meets code. That’s something a professional home inspector will help you with later in the process. I’m talking about how you can independently get a rudimentary sense of whether the builder did a better-than-average job. Since you’re probably sinking your life savings into this home, better-than-average is the least you deserve.

Read the full story at New Homes Magazine online.

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