How to find an experienced, professional rental agent

Our recently-launched YoRents service connects renters directly with quality landlords.

Many renters, however, are daunted by the task of finding an apartment on their own, or unwilling to invest the time, and choose to work with a rental agent. That choice presents them with an even more daunting task: finding an agent who will respect their wishes and help them select the new home that best meets their needs and wants.

Yelp and other review sites are no help. Most of the reviews of individual agents and rental services are untrustworthy at best and fraudulent at worst. Personal referrals are a bit more reliable, but suffer from the referrer’s typically lacking broad experience with rental agents.

The staff at YoChicago has decades of experience in working with real estate agents. We know how to sort the good from the bad, the experienced from the rookies, the knowledgeable from the know-nothings, and the true professionals from those who lack integrity and commitment to their clients.

We’ll soon be launching an expansion of YoRents to introduce you to professional agents who have experience and expertise in selected neighborhoods. It will be a paid advertising feature, but only agents who meet our standards of experience and integrity will be allowed to advertise. We’ll introduce those agents to renters through a brief biography and video, so that renters will know exactly who they’ll be working with rather than walking into a rental service and running the risk of a random rookie.

Introducing Amy Reynolds
Amy Eigel Reynolds was born into the real estate business. The daughter of Prudential Rubloff CEO, Chris Eigel, Amy became a third generation Realtor in the Chicago area shortly after receiving her B.A. in music from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Amy is a licensed broker with a dozen years’ experience. She has expert knowledge of Chicago’s Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods.

A former collegiate volleyball player, a musician and an animal lover, Amy lives in Wicker Park with her husband, her son and their dog.

Amy was recommended to YoRents by Francesca Rose, who I’ve known for twenty years.

Prudential Rubloff is an advertising client of YoChicago’s parent firm.

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