If you’re a felonious stripper, call Crazy Steve

If you’re not, stay far, far away.

The Craigslist ad you see pictured above does not, as Illinois law requires, disclose the name of the broker who placed it. If you Google the phone number in the ad you find the site pictured below, which claims “we strictly follow the law.” Sure.

Shaw Real Estate Group, Inc., whose president is Jack Shaw, is a Delaware corporation doing business as My Place Apartments, and not currently in good standing in Illinois. Despite that fact, it holds an active real estate broker license whose sponsor is Anne Shaw, a licensed Illinois attorney. Jack Shaw, its president, is a licensed salesperson. Shaw and Associates, Inc., a legal services entity mentioned on Shaw’s Web site was dissolved in the mid-90s. Shaw Legal Services, Ltd, also mentioned on the site, is in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Based on a review of Web sites and Craigslist ads, we’ve added Crazy Steve, Shaw Real Estate Group and My Place Apartments to our ever-growing rental service do-not-call list.

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