Is every Illinois pol like every other?

An article in today’s Chicago Tribune raises serious questions about whether Barack Obama differs in fundamental ways from your typical Illinois politician.

The facts are simple. Senator Obama and the wife of Tony “out on bail” Rezko buy adjacent parcels on the south side from the same seller and close on the same day. Obama pays $300,000 less than the $1,95M asking price for his home; Mrs Rezko pays the $625,000 asking price for vacant land adjacent to it. Obama can’t remember many of the particulars of how Mrs Rezko came to buy her parcel, but does recall that buying his home for $1.625M was a stretch.

The Tribune doesn’t draw any conclusions from these facts. On the surface, the deal reeks. Obama offers the Tribune no information that clears the air.

Has Senator Obama joined the long list of sullied Mr Cleans in Illinois politics and become Ba-reek Obama?

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