Lake View considers private security forces

A Lake View neighborhood group is considering hiring private security forces in response to the recent wave of attacks in the neighborhood.

At a meeting Thursday evening, members of the Lake View Citizens’ Council discussed hiring security to “complement police on the weekend,” according to LVCC president David Winner. The forces would patrol Broadway, Clark and Sheffield for $2,600 per week, he said.

The group proposed paying for the additional security with a portion of the $150,000 the LVCC received from the Chicago Cubs from concerts at Wrigley Field. The group also considered asking bars and local businesses to contribute money for added security.

There have been five attacks against women in and around Lake View in the past three months, four of which police say may be linked, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune reported Thursday night that police charged a 47-year-old with using the stolen credit cards of a woman assaulted early Sunday. The suspect denies any role in the rape.

Other efforts to prevent future attacks include:

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