More enforcement capability for new Illinois Division of Real Estate

Chicago’s rental services have a long history of advertising abusively on Craigslist and in other venues in flagrant violation of a number of provisions of Illinois law.

In a move that has received little public attention Governor Quinn signed an Executive Order on March 31 creating a new Division of Real Estate within the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

According to minutes of the April 10 meeting (pdf) of the Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board:

3 new Investigators will join the Real Estate Investigations Unit and a 4th Investigator is expected in the new [sic] future; all new Investigators will work in the Des Plaines Office.

A new Attorney will start soon in the Real Estate Prosecutions Unit and a law student intern is expected to start in May.

That represents a significant expansion of the Division’s heretofore very limited enforcement capability. Let’s all hope that some of the Division’s new resources are devoted to cracking down on Chicago’s rental services.

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