New at $4.95M in a cash-only Gold Coast co-op

The Chicago co-op building at 1500 N Lake Shore Drive, is the only Chicago project credited to Rosario Candela, the designer of many of New York’s most luxurious apartment buildings. When the building opened in the late 1920s Ruth Bergman wrote that “Olympus is more beautiful but the gods have never chilled their nectar in such magnificent iceboxes.” The building is topped by a fabulous 18-room duplex penthouse with its own reflecting pool and rooftop gardens.

A 6,450 square foot 4-bedroom, 5 ½ bath home on the 22nd floor of 1500 LSD has just been listed for sale with Coldwell Banker’s Jennifer Ames. The list price: $4,950,000.

The building’s policies prohibit buyers from financing their purchase. If you’re interested, prepare to pay cash and meet a number of other requirements as the price of admission to what’s generally considered one of Chicago’s most exclusive buildings.

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