Oakwood 200 Squared raises the bar on rental amenities in Chicago’s Loop

Many of the high-rises in downtown Chicago offer an attractive and stylish array of building and in-unit amenities, which can make choosing your next downtown apartment a daunting task.

Apartment hunters begin by prioritizing amenities that are the most important and useful to them. If an indoor pool is a must-have, for example, the number of options shrinks. Is new construction important? Then the list gets considerably shorter. Pet friendly? The options narrow yet again. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, some apartment hunters fail to prioritize the most important amenity of all – the convenience of a building’s location, which includes proximity to things like public transportation (and cab access), dining, shopping, entertainment, and perhaps most importantly, their work. Additionally, the experience and reputation of the community’s management company should be considered, as day-to-day operations in and around the building can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Oakwood 200 Squared, a new construction high-rise at 210 N. Wells in Chicago’s Loop, offers a prime location, an extensive array of amenities and services, and what some may consider the best amenity of all – time – to explore a world of nearby opportunities for both business and pleasure from your luxurious high-rise home.

For more information about the amenities, pricing, and availability of units at 200 Squared, check out its website or call 877-388-9116.

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