Quote of the day: Deadline day

It’s absolutely crazy. Getting multiple offers on some listings. Lots of people who were on the fence have come down. Lots of last minute showings for people who are intent on writing by today. I’m going to analyze the data this weekend. No doubt business will die starting Saturday and some buyers have purposely waited to take advantage of that. It’s cash for clunkers all over again.

– Realtor Gary Lucido, commenting on Crib Chatter about the imminent expiration of the federal home buyer tax credit program. Any Realtors out there today? Chime in with your observations (if you aren’t too slammed, that is).

Earlier this month we spent a morning with Gary in his home neighborhood of University Village to learn more about its home market. In this segment, Gary took us around one of the most historically significant blocks in all of Chicago — Maxwell Street, just east of Halsted.

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