Quote of the day: Great for whom?

Everybody wants to sell to a ballplayer. It’s great for the image.

Appraisal Research Counselors Vice President Gail Lissner, on Rex Grossman‘s purchase of a 3,437 square-foot, two-bedroom / four-bath condo at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago.

Rexy is one of Chicago’s most recognizable active athletes, but he’s also a second-stringer who fumbles his snaps. I don’t know how that jibes with Trump’s “Think Big & Kick Ass” attitude, but with condo sales lingering at 75 percent for more than two years, I’m sure Donald will take what he can get.

There is some good news about this purchase, Bears fans: Rex’s home has a 17′ x 12′ media room, which Crain’s calls “a perfect spot for reviewing game film.” You never know when that’ll come in handy.

Mark and I will be out at the tower later today to see Donald and the kids commemorate the building’s topping-out. Keep an eye out for video and pictures from our trip.

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