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Quote of the day: Taking your chances

"If you don't have cash and you are looking to buy a condo, the chances of closing are less than 50 percent. If you do need financing and are willing [...]

Quote of the day: Don't close on Nov. 30

"[T]here may not be a worse day in 2009 on which to try to close on a home." - Dan Green, loan officer and editor of The Mortgage Reports blog, warnin [...]

Quote of the Day: Keep it for five years

CS: When do you think housing prices are going to start climbing again? Sean Conlon: Given the nature of the world right now that would be impossible [...]

Another quote: The bottom isn't behind us

In some areas prices have probably already hit bottom - like some non-bubble areas, and some bubble areas with significant foreclosure activity. But [...]

Quote of the day: The elusive North Side deal

Anecdotally speaking, in the dozen or so North Side neighborhoods I work in such as Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Near North. [...]

Quote of the day: Don't get excited.

“When you go from nothing happening and the economy crashing to some activity, it is great, but it’s nothing to get all excited about.” - Keith Stewa [...]

Quote of the day: Why pay full price?

“To me, it doesn’t make sense to buy something on the retail market when you can buy a foreclosed home so far under the market.” - Real estate agent [...]

Quote of the day: Deep discounts and auctions

Several readers have asked us about the possible consequences at buying distressed properties or homes at auction. Here's some advice from one develop [...]
Quote of the day – condos dead in the water

Quote of the day – condos dead in the water

"I walk out of my office in Printer's Row and all around me I see condos dead in the water." David Hanna, Chicago Association of Realtors president, [...]

Quote of the day: Time is running out

"There's not as much sand in the hourglass as we may think." Jim Merrion, regional director at Re/Max Northern Illinois, telling the Tribune that fir [...]

Quote of the day: Fight your foreclosure

"They don't think there's anything they can do to help themselves. They're embarrassed. They think they have to dish out thousands of dollars for an a [...]

Quote of the day: Take my home, please

"I have even begged them for a foreclosure," Delinquent mortgage holder Charlotte Jensen told the Washington Post in response to the fact that a yea [...]

Quote of the day: Federal guidelines hindering Chicago condo sales

"We’re encouraged to see the bank-owned inventory moving in the marketplace, indicating buyers are finding good bargains, especially in single-family [...]

Quote of the day: Look to 2012

"We expect prices to drop for another year and then stabilize before starting to rise with incomes." - Standard & Poor's chief economist David Wy [...]

Quotes of the day: Us versus them

It’s like a big echo chamber. Anything here, you can hear it perfectly. I don’t really look at other people’s class or their racial background. I ex [...]

Quote of the day: An auction spells desperation

"An auction spells desperation in capital letters. It marks the property in a way that sends the wrong message." - Michael Signet, director of sales [...]

Quote of the day: "Which comes first?"

"Banks are now demanding 20% and 25% down, AND that at least 70% of the condo development be sold before they will finance a condo buyer. But this bri [...]

Quote of the day: Nearly new is the new new

"Everybody I’ve sold to this year has been looking at brand-new and decided they prefer to do nearly new. For a little less money, they know exactly w [...]

Quote of the day: Encouraging news

“The most encouraging part of this news is that this is the second month with very strong inquiries for new projects. A growing number of architecture [...]

Quote of the day: Sam's crystal ball

"Housing market stability will appear sometime this summer. I can't tell you if it's June 29 or Aug. 1... But the U.S. will recover and recover first [...]
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