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Does suburbanization increase density?

Suburbanization is often characterized as reducing densities, but in fact it has done just the opposite. Most suburbanites come from smaller places; t [...]

Quote of the day: Buyers are liars

"Buyers are liars. ... Real estate agents are business people ... They have to pay their bills every day and make the best use of their time, and we'r [...]

Quote of the day: Vetro changed everything

"The trigger was the auction at Vetro, which set market price and gave people a sense of confidence that they weren't overpaying. ... That's been one [...]

Quote of the day: Aqua buried

When Joe posted a panoramic photo of the view from atop Six North Michigan over the weekend, reader Dan Winne responded that, it's "crazy how Aqua is [...]

Quote of the day: "Trump's towering toothpick"

You and I are going to be looking at this prominent pinprick for a very long time. Unfortunately, it's a one-star piece of skyline stagecraft, a Kmart [...]
Finding variety on Ravenswood Avenue

Finding variety on Ravenswood Avenue

From industrial conversions to townhomes to green single-families, there are all sorts of recent residential construction to be found on North Raven [...]

Quote of the day: "A sliver of good news"

“We see a sliver of good news in the growing number of units which are being sold, reflective of the absorption of the distressed properties in the Ch [...]

Quotes of the day: The rules are changing

Real estate reporter Mary Ellen Podmolik has an article in today's Tribune explaining how the market has changed for buyers in the past year. Here are [...]

Quote of the day: "Snark attack"

In another trend piece on the influence of real-estate blogs, the New York Times finds that some New York City home sellers are being "undermined" by [...]

Quote of the day: Targeting the five senses

"A color can change their thinking from 'Oh my God, what a huge mortgage' to 'This house is so comfortable, I feel like I already live here,' " he sai [...]

Quote of the day: "Supersize me"

"The Baby Boomers are buying condos now and they don't want to downsize too much. They only want a few bedrooms, but they want them to be big and have [...]

Quote of the day: When you're sad and lonely…

“It’s like a country-western song: They’re out of cash, out of credit and out of time." - Steve Murray, owner of the publishing / consulting firm REA [...]

Quote of the day: The gospel of suburbanism

Since the start of the housing crisis, urbanists and pop sociologists have projected a tectonic shift in the way people live, with several high-profil [...]
Trump: Chicago is going to be a fine transaction

Trump: Chicago is going to be a fine transaction

Donald Trump fielded some questions from New York Times writer Deborah Solomon that appeared in the New York Times Magazine yesterday, including a que [...]

Quote of the day: Case on the "sticky market"

“If you’re looking in a good area, there’s no free lunch. People will not sell out. If you want bargains, look in the low income areas. It’s not freef [...]

Quote of the day: Stretching the imagination

"This is Humboldt Park. I wouldn't call it Logan Square by any stretch of the imagination." - North Clybourn Group agent Karen Biazar weighing in on T [...]
Quotes of the day: Assessing the Vetro auction

Quotes of the day: Assessing the Vetro auction

The Vetro auction is turning out to be one of the big water-cooler topics of early 2009. At least it seems that way from inside the echo chamber of lo [...]

Quote of the day: Race and real estate

Today's quote comes from historian Beryl Satter, author of the new book Family Properties: Race, Real Estate, and the Exploitation of Black Urban Amer [...]

Quote of the day: No sign of new bouncing

"There's probably some element of 'it's been down so low, it; looks up to me.' ... That being said, demand for new homes doesn't show any signs of new [...]

Quote of the day: Gauging buyer confidence

"Given the decline in housing prices and the decline in interest rates, housing is much more affordable than a year ago and we still don't see people [...]
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