Woodlawn's random retail

Speaking of Woodlawn, as we were in an earlier posting – when you consider that the neighborhood has hardly any restaurants and a dearth of retail options overall, isn’t it particularly cruel that one of the few businesses that has a presence there is Curves?

How does that even happen? This is the area that Walgreens has (almost) forgotten, Dominick’s doesn’t want to know about, and Starbucks has skimmed over in favor of Hyde Park. Yet somehow a franchise of a chain of women’s gyms is ahead of the gentrification curve, and has set up camp in a tiny strip of shops on the 1500 block of E 63rd St.

Other seemingly random businesses in the area include a day spa and a high-end shoe store. So the women of Woodlawn can pamper themselves, then go home and cook their own dinner, yet again.

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