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Should we shrink Chicago?

From the Boston Globe, a story that dovetails with a recent discussion about Chicago's population trends: Frankly admitting that these cities are not [...]

Quote of the day – The housing market may never recover

Howard Glaser, a Clinton-administration housing official and consultant whose clients include the National Association of Realtors, offers this cheery [...]

Quote of the day: Resigning ourselves to another tax credit

I know a lot of you out there would argue that a housing market correction, as painful as it is, is necessary for housing to truly find its footing ag [...]

Quote: Your home is a "momentary media phenomenon"

From the Wall Street Journal: Back when most folks looked for a new home by getting in the car, the freshness of a listing didn’t matter very much. B [...]

Quote of the day: Condo marketing to "cast a wider net" than before

To adjust to a market strikingly different from the high-flying one that reigned when these projects were conceived, developers have not only created [...]

Quote of the day: Something still stinks in Back of the Yards

"There's no way any property in this neighbourhood should sell for that kind of money, even if it was in great condition." - Emilio Carrasquillo of Ne [...]

Quote of the day: an exception to the rule

From Crain's: “The stars had to align. Loans of that size for residential developments are pretty scarce. You have to shop the world.” - Harry Huze [...]

Quote: Crunching the shadow numbers

"My best guess right now is that REO held by Fannie, Freddie, and FHA, and other government entities, and banks and thrifts is just under 600-thousand [...]

Quote: "Creating livable communities does not require extreme measures"

The goal of GO TO 2040 is not to increase density for its own sake, and creating livable communities does not require extreme measures, “central plann [...]

Quote of the day: What's your agent's story?

"We had 66 real estate salespeople and 20 real estate brokers whose names matched names on the sex-offender list," said Susan Hofer, a Department of F [...]

Quote: "Helplessly captive of the present"

My first girlfriend when I moved to Chicago was Tal Gilat, an architect from Israel. She was an admirer of Mies. Together we explored his campus of th [...]

Quote: Strategic defaults keep on rising

On the conference call to announce the [Principal Reduction Enhancement] program this morning, BofA's credit loss mitigation executive, Jack Schakett, [...]
Quote: Who has a stake in Roosevelt Square?

Quote: Who has a stake in Roosevelt Square?

“At every community meeting I’ve ever attended, the people who show up are the homeowners. If you pay $2,500 in rent, which is a fancy apartment, th [...]
Quote of the day: What bubble?

Quote of the day: What bubble?

Contrary to the “bubble theory,” actual housing prices have risen slightly over the last four quarters, so far remaining well above what they were b [...]
Quote of the day: The death of the city

Quote of the day: The death of the city

Skyscrapers in cities increase congestion, they were devised originally to hold concentration where it is, and they have proved to be the death of t [...]

Quote: home buyer tax credits creating "false sense" of demand

You can't really take the current housing statistics too seriously, because the government has been doing everything they can to support the housing m [...]

Quote: Comparing the costs of desirable neighborhoods in Chicago and New York

Housing costs in New York appear to increase somewhat exponentially with increasing neighborhood desirability, whereas in the other city I've lived in [...]

Quote: Sustained recovery is no sure thing

From the Sunday New York Times: The question now is whether a strong case has been built for a new bull market since the home-price turning point in [...]

All our exes live in Texas

To get a glimpse of [the] future, urbanists and planners need to get beyond their nostalgic quest to recreate the highly centralized 19th-century city [...]

Quote: Speedier short sales on the horizon

From CNNMoney.com: Elizabeth Weintraub, a Sacramento, Calif.-area real estate agent who handles many short sales, was amazed at how quickly a recent [...]
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