The lowest-priced rental home in East Wilmette

1236 Lake Ave, Wilmette, Illinois

The past 7 days have seen a 40% jump in the number of MLS rental offerings in Wilmette – from 15 to 21.

One of them stands out: a 5-bedroom, bath-and-a-half home at 1236 Lake Ave, about a minute’s walk from the Metra station and downtown Wilmette. The home is said to have a “recent total rehab” and surface parking for 4 cars. It also has central air – a feature whose fairly frequent absence in East Wilmette comes as a shock to home buyers.

The last reported sale of the property was in May of 2005 for $511,000. The rent: $2,400 a month.

If you’re looking to try on Wilmette to see if it suits you, this home appears to be worth a look.

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