What does it take to win some Facebook fans?

Here’s a new variation on an old way of winning friends: You can win a new iMac from Lennar this summer if you become a fan of the company’s Facebook fan page and post your “greatest home memory” on its Wall.

It’s no secret that buyers and developers are turning more and more to social networks and online services to find and promote homes. As we noticed this afternoon, Lennar has more than 1,300 fans on their Facebook page and close to 10,000 people following them on Twitter. That’s a sign that people are paying attention.

Everyone out there has a comfort threshold — some people are comfortable friending and tweeting and linking in directly with developments and agents, while others are still wary of giving out e-mail addresses or signing up for user accounts. Where do you stand? Would you become a fan of a builder long enough to enter a contest, even if it meant opening them up to your profile for a few weeks?

And while we’re on the subject, are you a fan of YoChicago yet? And have you tried getting our updates through Twitter? We’re just a few followers shy of 600.

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