What’s up with these Yelp reviews of The Tides?

The reviews of The Tides apartment complex pictured above, posted four months apart, are almost word-for-word identical. Did the first reviewer’s experience so perfectly mirror the second’s that he simply copied her work, changing only the unit location and deleting a sentence, or are both merely fraudulent? If the latter, can a major developer actually be sufficiently stupid and dishonest to engage in this sort of behavior?

The filtered reviews of The Tides at Yelp paint a very negative picture of the building.

There’s reason to be suspicious of every real estate-related review on Yelp, both good and bad. I find positive reviews, if the reviewed property had any role in their posting, to be a shrill warning to renters. Companies that consistently deal fairly with their residents don’t resort to this type of tactic.

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