Will CHA ever find funding to complete mixed-income housing plans?

Cabrini-Green redevelopmentThe Chicago Housing Authority has completed only 29 percent of the mixed-income replacement housing it said it would build for public housing residents, according to a story in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, and experts wonder if the agency will ever find funding to complete the job. Of the 16,500 families that lived in CHA buildings in 2000, about 6,782 are waiting for housing and 5,704 have “dropped out.” A cynic might look at the waiting list and that attrition rate (likely to grow significantly as the process drags on) and think this was the real “plan for transformation” all along. Demolish the projects as quickly and completley as you can and promise that everyone who wants replacement housing will get it, knowing that over time, it will be as hard to find the funding as it will the families on the edge shuffled through a miserable bureacracy.

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