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Finding an apartment in many Chicago’s neighborhoods is a quick, pleasant walk in the park compared to finding one in New York and many other cities.

In a number of Chicago’s downtown neighborhoods, for example, the rental options are limited to homes and condos listed in the MLS, and a dozen high-rise buildings that have their floor plans, prices and, sometimes, their current availabilities online.

If you search apartments for rent on Craigslist in Lake View / Lakeview, for example, you’ll get the impression that there are 1,000s of options, and that you may really need help from the rental services that infest and pollute Craigslist with their fraudulent bait-and-switch postings. There aren’t, and you don’t.

The apartment search does get a little more challenging when you get past downtown into Lincoln Park, Lake View and similar neighborhoods. A little more challenging, but not daunting at all – we think – with Yo’s new Guide to renting in Lake View.

The Lake View Guide lists every major rental building and management company in the neighborhood, with links to their Web sites, the type of units available, their Yelp reviews and available videos. We also link to broker sites where you can search for MLS-listed rentals, and offer strategies for finding that elusive 2-flat owner-occupied gem.

Our Guide gives you a quick sense of Lake View’s distinctive smaller neighborhoods, who lives in Lake View, why people move there, why they don’t move there, what kind of housing options you’ll find in Lake View and what you can expect to pay for them – and, finally, what other neighborhoods you might consider. If you don’t know Lake View well, you can get a feel for it through the neighborhood photos and dozens of videos at our Guide.

We’ve added the Lake View info to our at-a-glance list of apartments. The at-a-glance list is a Google spreadsheet that you can download and mark up to narrow your options.

We’ve invested, as you can see, a lot of effort and assembled a lot of information that we hope makes it easier for you to find a Lake View apartment – or helps you decide that Lake View isn’t for you. We also hope that you’ll add any information that will help people make decisions about renting in Lake View in comments on the Guide page.

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Our Lake View, Lincoln Park and Gold Coast apartment Guides are exclusively sponsored by Planned Property Management, which owns and manages more than 3,000 apartments in those neighborhoods.

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