A better look at Lincoln Park's LP 625 conversion

LP 625

When we announced CG Development Group‘s Lincoln Park condo conversion– LP 625, located at 625 W Wrightwood Ave– a few months ago, a small rendering of the building garnered some pretty harsh criticism (among a few positive comments) for the building’s… shall we say, shortcomings in the design department. One reader noted, “sure you get the nice price on the condo but you can never invite anyone over and never get dropped off because, of course, you wouldn’t want anyone to know you live there.” Another simply called it “as ugly as a hatful of a..holes.”

The discussion eventually led to a critique of the four-plus-one housing model, with one reader calling those buildings “among the worst buildings ever allowed in Chicago” and another countering that “they offer the amenities that most renters/new buyers are looking for, but at lower-than-high-rise prices.” Whichever side of the fence you’re on, we thought we’d give you a better look at LP 625, where sales have now topped 30 percent. What do yo’all think, do a prime location and prices from the $140s to the $220s trump design?

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