Another low in rental service ugliness

We’ve previously called attention to the fact that Chicago’s rental services trash each other as much as they trash renters and landlords.

This morning’s comment moderation queue surfaced an ugly comment about a rental service probably posted by one of its competitors. The twist is that the commenter used what purported to be the name of the CEO of a prominent local car dealership that carries the family name. I’ve redacted all the actual names from the comment:

[Rental agent] is a total scam artist.the man took my money from my daughter Abby. Abby works at my dealership when she found an apartment online and wanted to rent it . These two clowns [Rental agent] and [Rental agent] took 1500.00 from her. Cash may I say. and ran with a bunch of party favors from what i told .. Party favors were cocaine and meth. I am so mad that this child porno parolee was taken into custody that day. [Rental agent] you are a pathetic broke loser and we will get you.

Howard [well-known name]
[Name of well-known local car dealership]

I called the dealership and asked to speak to Howard. There’s no one there by that name. I spoke to the actual CEO of the dealership. No one there has a daughter named Abby.

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