Arkadia apartment tower underway in the West Loop

A contributor to the SkyscraperPage forum noted yesterday that site prep for construction appears to have begun at 765 W Adams, the site of a proposed new 33-story, 350-unit apartment tower in the Greektown part of the West Loop.

FitzGerald Associates is the architect for the project, and the firm’s website has a new rendering and project summary.

The project also has a new name: Arkadia. Like many a development name, it may resonate in unintended ways. The developer doubtless wishes to call to mind an idyllic, peaceful, but it may remind some Greek emigrants of their rapidly depopulating home.

We dipped into our vast photo archive to bring you the following views of the site. The first shot was taken from the roof of Haberdasher Square, 728 W Jackson, the second and third from a helicopter.

You can see 100s more of YoChicago’s aerial photographs at Flickr, and follow the progress of all the new downtown apartment projects on our at-a-glance list.


  • tg 6 years

    Why not put stores on the ground level and bring excitement to the area. Living in this building with no ground level business could feel secluded.

  • tg,

    According to the description I linked at the architect’s site, the project includes 20,500 square feet of ground level retail space and a 45,000 square foot retail fitness center.

    You would feel secluded, even with what’s directly across the street from the project?

  • the urban politician 6 years

    I really hate the podium. The previous design was a bit more palatable

  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    The white blank wall would be a great opportunity to put a major art work, painting, mosaic, etc., by a leading artist on it. Viewed from the expressway, this would be spectacular. It would take a developer with a sense of vision and civic pride to do something like that.