Closet space is a no-no at SoNo

When visionary architect / developer Harry Weese built 1100 N Lake Shore Dr – a building that’s been in the news recently – he reportedly skimped on closets in an attempt to wean buyers from their materialistic impulses but was forced by the market to expand the closet space. The story is, perhaps, apocryphal.

As SoNo East, 840 W Blackhawk St, gears up for summer occupancy, renters will want to note the amount of closet space in the studio (above) and convertible (below) units. Studios and convertibles account for 96 of the 324 units in the building.

The developer won’t have the option of expanding the closet space, so renters may have to pare back their possessions, head to the nearby Crate & Barrel for a storage unit, or fill those little-used bins in the fridge.

Closet space in the 1- and 2-bedroom units at SoNo is so-so.

TIP: Pay close attention to the amount of closet space in an apartment before you make a move. Skimpy closet space is not unusual in Chicago’s newer high-rises.

NOTE: Suggestions for placing that big-screen TV are welcomed.

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