Humboldt Park – too many bullets in the cake

You have to love a sassy Aussie – but not everyone does. Especially one who talks about moving her business from Humboldt Park to Bucktown because of “too many bullets in the cake” and cops who “would knock on the door and ask to taste the crack.”

The remarks by Naomi Levine, owner of the TipsyCake bakery have produced a stream of outraged comments at Yelp, Facebook, YouTube and other venues.

It’s a wonder that Naomi didn’t feel the love expressed in the following videos about the Humboldt Park No Se Vende campaign.

A hat tip to RedEye for bringing this to our attention.


  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    Puerto Ricans did not always live here. They displaced other groups that had been living there before, and similarly they are going to be displaced by others.

    The current depression is temporarily halting the gentrification of the part of Humboldt park east of the park, but once the economy speeds up again the process will pick up again. Many Puerto Ricans who own property here will take advantage of the ability to sell their property at a high price and move their families away from the gangs, the drugs, and the crime out into the suburbs.

    It is only a matter of time until the Yuppies mark Division street as their territory by putting up a Starbucks. Since the yuppies will not tolerate the gangs, drugs, and crime, this will eliminate that problem as much as it can be eliminated in an urban setting.

    Housing for above average income professional people is a more appropriate use of the area east of Humbolt Park than low income housing, so this is a desirable change. Areas in the suburbs where the majority of the jobs are are a more appropriate location for unskilled and semi-skilled workers.