Hyde Park, South Loop apartments get gigabit Internet

The recently-renovated Shoreland in Hyde Park claimed the title of “first residential building in the city of Chicago to offer internet access with up to 1Gbps of speed.”

Details of the amenities at the soon-to-open AMLI Lofts, 850 S Clark in the South Loop, are now public in an eBrochure at the building’s website. Notable among them is the promise of “Gigabit broadband providing ultra high-speed internet.”

Is this a game-changer for some renters, or merely a nice bonus?


  • Sheridan B 4 years

    (I can’t believe I had my name wrong, argh!)

    I wonder if the Shoreland was counting on gigibit providing broadband, which many others were counting on in Hyde Park (they went belly up).

    • Sheridan B,

      I’m confused by your comment. The Shoreland does have gigabit internet.

      • Sheridan B 4 years

        According to everything in the Hyde Park media (U of C press releases, Chicago Maroon) they are out of existence. They had a contract to provide broadband throughout Hyde Park and U of C cancelled the contract because of the bankruptcy.

        Here’s one article, I’ve seen a couple others:


        • Sheridan B 4 years

          I’ll add that a lot of people in the neighborhood are upset, well, too strong, disappointed that we won’t be getting broadband since our options are, to say the least, limited.

          Whether or not the Shoreland got a connection somehow, I’ll trust your first hand experience more, but they wired nothing from what I can tell, so I am rather surprised to hear that they are providing service.

  • Sheridan B,

    I don’t have “first hand experience.” I’m relying on what the company has told me, and on its news releases which have been picked up and published in multiple outlets. The release quotes, by name, a University of Chicago law student who had used the service.

    Shoreland is using a different vendor than the one you reference.

    • Sheridan B 4 years

      It’s (Gigabit Squared) actually mentioned in the article you linked. I think people need to be careful naming companies after the service (by saying gigabit, you gave the impression it was the company which failed at providing broadband in HP-K – like the Kleenex Tissue confusion).

      It’s my understanding that to get broadband you have to wire to the building, which as far as I know, hasn’t been done to any large extent in HP which makes me surprised Antheus offers it in so many properties since the vendor would then probably want to market it to people who have access to the wires/fiber optic/etc in addition to Antheus’ buildings.

      We certainly haven’t gotten wiring – we’d know because we don’t have an alley so they’d need access to the utility poles, but I live in a predominately owner-occupied block with no large rental buildings.

      • Just for clarification, Gigabit Squared is not the company providing service to Shoreland. American Wireless Broadband is mentioned later in the article I linked.