Lots o’ listings on Lakewood Avenue

2715 N Lakewood Ave 2721 N Lakewood Ave

Until recently, the 2700 block of Lakewood Avenue looked more like a moonscape than a Lincoln Park side street, with both sides of the block offering little more than bare, rocky lots ringed with construction fence. That’s starting to change, thanks to the construction of the Row2750 townhouses at the southwest corner of Lakewood and Diversey, and judging by their actions, the owners of neighboring lots think this is the time to get building as well.

Last Wednesday Jennifer Ames of Coldwell Banker listed two pre-construction homes on the block: 2715 N Lakewood Ave, a 6,100 square-foot home (above left) on a 37.5-foot lot, priced at $2.85 million, and 2721 N Lakewood Ave, a 5,190 square-foot home (above right) on a standard 25-foot lot, priced at $2.1 million.

Not to be outdone, today John McNaughton of Prudential Rubloff listed three homes proposed for lots across the street, all at similar sizes but lower prices per square foot: 2722 N Lakewood Ave is a 5,200 square-foot home on a 25-foot lot, priced at $1.79 million; 2724 is a 6,000 square-foot home on a 30-foot lot, priced at $1.99 million; and 2726 is a 6,450 square-foot home on a 35-foot lot, priced at $2.49 million. Accompanying the listings are simple elevation sketches resembling the home below.

2722 N Lakewood Ave

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