New construction checkup at the Polish Triangle

East Village residents prevailed in their wish for higher-density development on the site where a Pizza Hut once stood at 1601 W Division St. The developer scrapped plans for a drive-through bank and agreed to build an 11-story tower housing two floors of commercial space and 99 apartments.

As of yesterday afternoon, as pictured above, the building had reached the 7th floor.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether the community’s enthusiasm for the project resonates with renters. RDM Development‘s Vision on Division, almost directly across the street at 1624 W Division, rented up slowly when it converted from condos several years ago.

Last September ABC 7’s Ravi Baichwal took a look at the intersection, which has been called the “Polish Triangle:”

Head a few blocks west along Division and you’ll find a thriving retail, restaurant and bar scene that hums with activity day and night, and really comes alive when the weather permits alfresco dining.

Will proximity to that scene, easy access to public transit, and the other attractions of Wicker Park outweigh the gritty environs of Division and Ashland for renters who can afford new construction rental prices and who will have lots of options in more established neighborhoods? Stay tuned.

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