North lakefront rental inventory dips

The number of homes and condos listed for rent in the MLS in six north lakefront ZIP Codes had been trending steadily upward, from 542 in mid-June to 742 in mid-November.

As of yesterday there were 706 units listed in ZIP Codes 60614, 60657, 60613, 60640, 60660 and 60626. That’s a 4.9% decrease from two weeks ago and virtually the same number as 30 days ago.

Is the MLS-listed rental market getting healthier in the north lakefront communities, or are landlords pulling their listings from the market for the holidays?


  • Miles Shapiro 4 years

    Does this figure include the units at the new buildings? Seems like this number is closer to several thousand vacant!!

  • Miles,

    These are, as stated, MLS-listed rentals only.

    The major rental buildings typically do not list any of their vacancies in the MLS.

  • tone 4 years

    Vacancy rates in the city are about 4% as of the third qtr.