Quick hits: Moore supports Rogers Park proposal; Ravenswood residents give OK to Sears lot redevelopment

New rendering for 1557 - 1561 W Howard St, Chicago

Two short updates on stories we’ve discussed recently:


  • the urban politician 9 years

    Great work, Eric Rojas!

    That will be a fine development.

    Regarding the project on Howard, I love the density and I think the design really depends on the materials. If they use cinderblock it will be a disaster–I guarantee it..

  • Thanks to my neighbors in Ravenswood…I’ll walk 5 mins to a major grocer in a couple years! And, if so inclined, we’ll work-out at the health club!

  • the urban politician 9 years

    My only fear is that, in this horrid financing environment, if the developer of this, the Rogers Park proposal, and the hotel/retail proposal in Wrigleyville will be able to see their projects through to fruition.

    5 years ago it would have been a piece of cake. Chicago has had so much momentum going for it (at least on the gentrification/global city front–which admittedly leaves out many areas of the city, which is a discussion for another time) and I would hate to see these good, solid projects falter.

  • CaptainVideo 9 years

    Congratulations in getting this project past the myopic NIMBYS. Having these stores available to the area and a major parking lot adjacent to a Metra station will be very beneficial to the city. Too bad you could not get the multi-story apartment (or condo) approved. That would have been a major contribution to transit-oriented development.