South Loop has few apartments available for immediate occupancy

It’s week-old news by now that the city announced the sale of a parking lot at the southeast corner of 9th and State Streets. The property will be developed with a 39-story, 396-unit apartment building with ground-floor retail space. Construction isn’t expected to start until next year. You can follow the status of new downtown apartment projects on our comprehensive at-a-glance list.

Of more immediate relevance to South Loop apartment hunters, the market is tight. Most buildings have very few units available for immediate occupancy, and at least one building has nothing immediately available.

If you want to rent in the South Loop, you can see all of your managed apartment building options on YoChicago’s South Loop availability list, below. Where only a single price is listed, it’s an indication that only one unit of that type was available at the time we checked.

There are only a dozen large apartment complexes in the South Loop, and we’ve listed all of them in this Google spreadsheet, and checked what’s available for rent, and what the rents are, in all of them. The spreadsheet is accurate as of the close of business yesterday. Rents listed are for 12-month leases for apartments available now through next month. All of the buildings accept cats and dogs subject, in some cases, to weight and breed restrictions.

Our spreadsheet contains links to each building, links to videos where available, and links to near real-time availability checks for the buildings that offer that feature. The spreadsheet, which is updated weekly, also has links to several reputable major brokerage sites where you can search MLS-listed condos and townhomes available for rent.

If you’ve been searching Craigslist for South Loop apartments you already know you’re wasting a lot of time and encountering a lot of bait-and-switch ads. You’re unlikely to find anything at Craigslist that you won’t find through Yo’s list.

If you’re considering working with a rental service / finder, consider the twenty-five things rental services won’t tell you. Consult our do-not-call list for the rental services – virtually all of them – that engage in deceptive behavior, or worse. Support our Craigslist Apartment Cleanup campaign by liking our Facebook page.

We think there’s no faster or easier way to find your next apartment in the South Loop than our availability list. If you know someone who’s looking to rent in the South Loop, send them a link to this post or to the spreadsheet. If you’d prefer to rent a condo, virtually all of them are listed in the MLS and can be searched at reputable broker sites. Show your support for YoChicago by visiting the website of one of our parent firm’s clients.


  • CaptainVideo 5 years

    This would seem to offer a great opportunity for the venture group led by Marc Realty Residential LLC, which bougth the failed Motor Row Condominiums at 2300 S. Michigan Ave late last year.

    The outside of the building appears to be finished and it should be possible to get apartments there on the market fairly soon.

  • CaptainVideo 5 years

    Posted by a guest at YoChicago:

    “Marc just finished the 2300 S Michigan building that was sitting idle for 4 years and have done a terrific job on making them into market rate rentals. That is all I know.”

  • CaptainVideo

    I think you meant a guest at Curbed Chicago.

  • CaptainVideo 5 years

    Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry.

  • SheridanB 5 years

    Yes, I saw that too.