Still no signs of new retail at the Roosevelt Collection

It’s been 10 months since developer Dan McCaffery announced plans for the “full-fledged construction on the main plaza at Roosevelt Collection:”

Construction on the property will begin immediately so that we can stay on track to host a Grand Opening before November 1st of this year. In addition to having construction complete by that time, we plan to have 75% of our retail stores leased and opening as well. Our team is working diligently to secure retailers so that we will have more exciting announcements to come.

It’s been six months since Brigid Sweeney blogged at Crain’s about McCaffery Interests snagging an “impressive list of retailers” for the retail space at Roosevelt Collection.

It’s been a little over three years since we reported that the property’s manager issued a press release announcing that “most of the development’s retail tenants will not open until fall of 2010.”

I visited Roosevelt Collection last Friday, and the plaza appears to be nearly on target for completion by the end of this month. There were no signs, however, of progress toward any retail openings. The Roosevelt Collection blog isn’t listing any on-site retailers, although the McCaffery site does have a brochure naming several tenants.


  • Tony 6 years

    With the way retailers operate, if they can’t be open for the Christmas shopping season this year they won’t open until Spring of 2013. Given the lack of action so far I would be surprised if the major retailers showed up until Q2 2013. I don’t doubt that the tenants will be top notch though, McCaffery is a quality operator.

  • Bob 6 years

    Was McCaffery’s press release 10 months ago just a way to attract tenants to the residential units? Not many people want to rent in the middle of a dead development.

    • Bob,

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      • Bob 6 years

        I get plenty of spam from real estate ad sites as it is.

        • Bob,

          Maybe some day you’ll learn that we honor our privacy statement and not waste my time, as you have here, with yet another phony email that dropped your comment into the moderation queue.

  • nwzimmer 6 years

    What’s the deal with the name of this place?

    Roosevelt “Collection”, sounds ridiculous.

    Sounds like more empty marketing fluff, similar to how some shopping malls call themselves a “Town Center” or how every new condo/rental building is supposedly “luxury”.