The Homestead Group’s sucker bait: $2,500 a week, licensed agents

The headline on a Craigslist help wanted ad from The Homestead Group (“THG”) invites the gullible to “Earn $2500 Per Week Leasing Chicago’s Finest Apartments.” The ad says “you will hit the ground running and start earning large commissions immediately.” Click the above screen cap to see the extended version.

It’s hard to find a claim in the ad that isn’t wildly inflated or patently false. It’s even harder to conceive of anyone who has any intelligence going to work for this company.

THG’s website tells renters that its “leasing agents are knowledgeable, fully licensed and extremely well versed in everything Chicago.” I searched the IDFPR database for the names of nine THG agents named in Craigslist ads. Only one was licensed.

THG’s help-wanted ad and website claim to have an extensive database of apartments, primarily from small landlords. Almost everything you’ll find through a search on in its website – and you won’t find much – is the same apartments from large landlords advertised by many other Chicago rental services.

THG tells renters that “our streamlined application process most often allows for instant, on-the-spot approval. You will leave our office secure in the knowledge that you have found your new home.” If you believe that, you aren’t ready to leave your parents’ home and live on your own.

We’ve previously posted on The Homestead Group’s falsely claiming BBB accreditation and hiring an agent with a criminal record.

Tip: It’s a lot easier and safer to find an apartment on your own in downtown Chicago than it is to find one via a rental service.

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