The Homestead Group’s sucker bait: $2,500 a week, licensed agents

The headline on a Craigslist help wanted ad from The Homestead Group (“THG”) invites the gullible to “Earn $2500 Per Week Leasing Chicago’s Finest Apartments.” The ad says “you will hit the ground running and start earning large commissions immediately.” Click the above screen cap to see the extended version.

It’s hard to find a claim in the ad that isn’t wildly inflated or patently false. It’s even harder to conceive of anyone who has any intelligence going to work for this company.

THG’s website tells renters that its “leasing agents are knowledgeable, fully licensed and extremely well versed in everything Chicago.” I searched the IDFPR database for the names of nine THG agents named in Craigslist ads. Only one was licensed.

THG’s help-wanted ad and website claim to have an extensive database of apartments, primarily from small landlords. Almost everything you’ll find through a search on in its website – and you won’t find much – is the same apartments from large landlords advertised by many other Chicago rental services.

THG tells renters that “our streamlined application process most often allows for instant, on-the-spot approval. You will leave our office secure in the knowledge that you have found your new home.” If you believe that, you aren’t ready to leave your parents’ home and live on your own.

We’ve previously posted on The Homestead Group’s falsely claiming BBB accreditation and hiring an agent with a criminal record.

Tip: It’s a lot easier and safer to find an apartment on your own in downtown Chicago than it is to find one via a rental service.


  • landon 5 years

    I am currently looking for a place in chicago and your site keeps coming up in my search. It is just as annoying as the companies that keep posting multiple ads on craigslist. The sensationalism of your ad titles and unbiased stance wreaks and kills your validity. I’ve looked at your threads and how you block people that disagree with you, or attempt to discredit them. You are like the Fox News of real estate, every company, every agent and everything sucks minus the real estate you market on your site.

  • landon,

    Welcome to the ranks of anonymous trolls who do a pathetic job of trying to sow confusion and distract from the useful information we present to renters.

    Anyone who can read can see that we’ve had a lot of positive things to say about companies and properties that don’t advertise here.

  • landon 5 years

    So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a troll?? You blog to be read and interact with others and in your case collect advertising dollars. I found your blog by accident and initially thought it would be helpful in my apartment search…it wasn’t. I am a renter, the venomous language you towards leasing people distract renters from what may possibly be useful information.

    Anyone who can read can see you have an agenda, one that is hidden underneath your wholesome persona of simply trying to educate the public on “bad” leasing companies.

  • landon,

    I’ve yet to meet, in person or online, an actual renter who doesn’t find the info about rental services helpful.

    I’d be happy to meet with you, hear your take in person and remove my suspicion that you work with one of the rental services.

  • landon 5 years

    You’ve created an island for yourself in which you are the judge and the juror.. Plenty of renters have voiced disapproval of your stance including me, just b/c you label them a troll doesn’t make it fact.

    What must I gain by meeting with you in person, to remove your suspicion? Who do you think you are? I would simply lose minutes of my life that can’t be replaced.

  • Frank Rizzo 5 years

    I tell you what Landon. You go out into the world and start a business. You get loans. Pay salaries. Take equity in the world. Get married. Get a mortgage. Do something besides rent an apartment. When you do, your comments will have more impact. Right now you sound like a kid who has no idea what he is talking about.

    No one cares about your position on leasing agents. No one cares what you think.

  • landon 5 years

    Frank .. You sound like you are having a temper tantrum. no validity and no point, just sophomoric insults and a feeble attempt to back Joe. Are you follow the same straw man tactics used by Joe? You don’t put up a blog if you can’t deal with criticism period.

    By your post, I am certain I am more than 10 years your senior.. and have done all you’ve mentioned some even twice. As far as looking for an apartment, It’s for my child. I own a home, 2 to be exact.

    And none of what you are saying even if I was a snot nose college student… changes the fact that Joe’s blog has an agenda…stay on topic.

  • landon,

    Your big insight is that I have an agenda? I’ve done everything possible to make that clear.

    No one has any use for anonymous commenters who have no real information to contribute. Whatever else you post will go into the trash basket where it belongs.

  • Karen Middleton. 5 years

    Joe, I don’t think I have ever seen a kind or respectful blog or whatever you want to call what you do from your silly site. I worked at The Homestead Group when I graduated college six yeahs ago and YES!!! I made $80,000 in five months. You do the math. Great money for a 21 year old. I bet you can’t say you did the same. And, I made the greatest friends working at The Homestead Group. They are a group of people that truly care about their employees. I am really starting to get tired of your nonesensical comments. Honestly, have a point!!! Were you bullied as a kid?

  • Karen Middleton. 5 years

    You actually determine what ends up in the comments? That’s spineless. Be a man and let the freedom of speech flow.

  • No one with the name of Karen Middleton has held a real estate license in Illinois – which would have been required to work 5 months as a leasing agent. The email address associated with your comment is not a valid email address.

    The reason I “determine what ends up in the comments” is that posts about rental services attract liars and trolls who want to spew insults and never ever supply any verifiable information. It’s just like a conversation in the real world – you tune out or walk away from people who don’t contribute anything.

    I believe in freedom of speech – but not in freedom of lies.

    It’s over to you to supply the inevitable excuses about why you can’t use a real name, or why Middleton is your married name or …