Want to take a dip? Few options available for renters in the winter

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and 9 degrees outside…time to practice that butterfly! Year-round swimming isn’t a problem at a lot of condo high-rises, but it’s not an option in many downtown apartment buildings. So far I’ve identified two rental developments with indoor pools: Burnham Pointe, at 730 S Clark St in the South Loop, and Aqua, at 225 N Columbus Dr on the New East Side. What do they have in common? Condos — Burnham Pointe started life as a condo project, and Aqua was designed from the outset to have a condo component.

Burnham Pointe’s Web site describes the building’s pool as a two-lane resistance pool with an adjacent whirlpool and sauna. Aqua’s Shore Club features a 25-foot lap pool with an iPod docking station, meaning you can kick and stroke to your favorite tunes. You can see that pool in the opening scene of this video from July:


  • its not called the new east side dude, its called lake shore east. get it right.

    • melisa 5 years

      it’s been also called the New East Side for years. Like so many nieghborhoods, it has more than one name. when all that new construction started, it was called New east side

  • informed (insert joke here):

    Take a walk down Randolph Street and tell me what you see on the neighborhood signs.

    Read the third paragraph of this story from the Sun-Times, published 19 years ago.

    Check out this section of Wikipedia’s entry on the Loop.

    Lakeshore East is just one part of the slightly larger New East Side. There’s room in your life for both.

  • Fred 10 years

    A friend of mine rents at Burnham Pointe and I’ve seen the pool. It isn’t really a pool like someone might hang out in with friends, it is just as it says; a resistance pool meant for exercise only. It is maybe 10 feet long and has jets on one side to create a flow of water so you can swim in place and get exercise. Its the pool equivalent of a treadmill.

  • Keep at it, Joe, and you’ll find a number of other downtown rentals with indoor pools. North Harbor Tower is one. River North Park has a lap pool. Presidential Towers has a 75-foot indoor pool. 1212 South Michigan. And so on.

  • Don’t “pool” around with this subject Joe A… Ha!

  • That old “new construction only” conditioning can be hard to break, Eric.

    To be clear, these are the only NEW apartment high-rises that fit the bill.

  • Sheridan B 10 years

    So you’re not going to do a feature on Outer Drive East’s pool then? ;(

  • “Aqua’s Shore Club features a 25-foot lap pool with an iPod docking”. I think you mean 25-yard lap pool (75-feet)… typical lap/competitive pool length.

  • Yes, that pool is significantly longer than 25 feet.

  • SheridanB,

    ODE’s a condo last time I looked. I remember when a friend owned the domed pool and was threatening to sell it to Sybaris.

  • Sheridan B 10 years

    I know, I’ve been to the pool, it’s quite something – the dome is really pleasant in winter. The lockers are the remains or have the remnants of an old ‘health club’ with shave bar or shaving room, and the like. The women’s lockers look to have been an afterthought or an addition – like they stole space from the men’s lockers for them.

  • Sheridan B 10 years

    A Sybaris would have been pretty cool; I know the designer of the one on Milwaukee.