Arizona is almost in Indiana

A Hegewisch streetscape

Arizona is one of Hegewisch’s sub-neighborhooods, and Hegewisch is at the far southeast corner of the city, bordering Indiana.

More than six years have passed since our last visit to Hegewisch, a community where change comes slowly. You can see a short primer on Hegewisch at the site, and view about 175 YoChicago photos of Hegewisch and its sub-neighborhoods (Arizona, Avalon Trails, Harbour Point Estates and Old Hegewisch) at Flickr..

We’re confident that YoChicago’s neighborhood pages serve up the most complete, most accurate set of neighborhood boundaries you can find. The pages also include links to Flickr albums, YoChicago videos and posts, and information from EveryBlock. If there’s a Chicago neighborhood you’re interested in, the odds are very high that we’ve been there, shot some photos and video there, and talked to the locals about living there.

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