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The first-time buyer: What's the deal with Logan Square?

The first-time buyer: What's the deal with Logan Square?

So I'm sitting on the bus this morning fantasizing about buying an affordable brick home in a neighborhood like Logan Square when I glance at my RedEy [...]

Will easier access to sex offender locations affect property values?

A Cook County Board committee has approved a measure that would establish automatic e-mail notification for anyone who wants it if a sex offender move [...]
Block clubs do more than party

Block clubs do more than party

And they're a sure sign of a tough neighborhood. This one appears to be getting the job done. Maybe the next block up - the site of a thriving ope [...]
Taggers claim Westernview Condos in Back of the Yards

Taggers claim Westernview Condos in Back of the Yards

Westernview Condos is under construction at 4000 S Western Ave in Back of the Yards, just south of McKinley Park, and the taggers couldn't be happi [...]

Parkside of Old Town homes get unfortunate visibility in Cabrini shooting coverage

Usually, the bigger the better when it comes to signs for new developments, but the developers of Parkside of Old Town must have been wishing they cou [...]

The ward belongs to the alderman

The streets may belong to the people, but the ward belongs to the alderman. As debate on the "Big Box" minimum wage ordinance heats up, Mayor Daley, [...]

Are Chicago police cameras announcing Blue Light Specials for real estate?

Chicago Police call it "Operation Disruption," an apt label for the network of roughly 2,250 public surveilance cameras keeping watch over city street [...]

Do sex offenders depress property values?

Yo doesn't normally venture beyond the Chicago metro, but this item from Manhattan-based Matrix poses an intriguing question: is a home harder to sell [...]
Think your condo board's bad? Try living at Dearborn Homes

Think your condo board's bad? Try living at Dearborn Homes

Maybe Yo's first-time buyer journal writer should thank her lucky stars that she's got cops in her prospective condo building. Did anyone read the Tri [...]

Ah, the 'burbs – good schools, good lawns, more gangs

Sure, they have roots here and they have fun here, but when they reach the point where they're starting to get serious, to dabble in real estate and b [...]

Condo shopper missed out on Woodlawn cease fire

Rocket Girl apparently missed out on another improvement coming to Woodlawn, according to ChiKat, Yo's johnny-on-the-street in the neighborhood. She p [...]

Souvlaki with a side of skid row in Greek Town

Yo's truly spent Tuesday afternoon wandering through Greek Town. It was a gorgeous spring day, people were dining al fresco (or whatever they call it [...]

City must act on deadly driving after death of little Maya Hirsch

When my husband rode up to me on his bicycle with an ashen face and close to tears on Saturday afternoon I knew that something was wrong. He'd just se [...]

Man sought after Taylor Homes death surrenders

A man police have searched for in connection with the death of a woman who plunged to her death from the 7th floor of a building at the Chicago Housin [...]

The world's first community association thriller novel

This might be old news to avid fans of both thriller novels and community associations, but we just stumbled across Special Assessment, real estate la [...]

Where crime is almost fun

If you haven't been to, go there now and check out your street and neighborhood. This innovative site plots recent crimes in Chicago [...]
1 236 / 36 POSTS