Is RentJuice enabling fraud by unlicensed brokers?

We’ve previously wondered about Exchange Apartment Finders (EAF), which appeared to be doing business as a real estate broker / apartment finder without the required state license.

An anonymous commenter has suggested that the company is now doing business as Apartment Locators with the same phone number as EAF, and that appears to be the case. The only Illinois real estate licenses for Apartment Locators expired in the 1990s.

Following Apartment Locators’ trail through various advertising sites indicates that the company’s ads are syndicated in a number of venues via RentJuice. I’ve previously suggested that RentJuice facilitates spam ads for the apartment rental services that we call bedbugs. And I’ve mocked the rental data supplied by RentJuice.

RentJuice purports to be “changing the way the rental market does business” as a “provider of online Rental Relationship Management software for real estate professionals.”

Does RentJuice make any efforts to ensure that the rental services it enables to spew spam ads are properly licensed? How many unlicensed brokers is RentJuice helping to prey on renters? Does it make any effort to ensure that “listings” placed by “property managers” are not, in fact, fraudulently entered into its system by rental service bedbugs?

I’ve sent a link to this post to RentJuice, and look forward to some answers from a company “financed by leading angel investors and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.”

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