Real and Craigslist fictional rents at The Streeter

The Streeter, a 48-story, 481-unit apartment tower at 345 E Ohio St in Streeterville, was still in lease-up mode and at 56% occupancy when Yo visited five years ago.

At that time, renters could still expect at least a month’s free rent on a new lease, an incentive that reduced rents to as low as $1,274 for a 585 square-foot studio and $4,029 for a 3-bedroom, 3-bath.

As of yesterday morning, only one studio was listed available for rent at The Streeter, a 585 square-foot 23rd floor unit renting for $1,687. The unit was rented late in the day on Saturday, according to The Streeter’s leasing office. It was on a dog floor and occupancy was slated for April 3, so if you needed a place sooner or are pet-averse you’d have been out of luck. There’s a waiting list for the lowest-priced studios, the H tier, where rents range from $1,467 to $1,662 a month.

A total of 21 units are available in the building, including one 3-bedroom renting for $4,695 with occupancy scheduled for March 17.

If you were naive enough to place any credence in Craigslist’s bait-and-switch ads, like the one pictured above for a studio at The Streeter, you’d be wasting your time and setting yourself up to be played for a sucker. The ad was placed by one of the rental services on YoChicago’s do-not-call list.

Finding an apartment in Streeterville is easy if you go direct to the buildings and avoid the sleazy rental services and the swamp of lies on Craigslist. You can find all of the buildings, with links to their websites, at YoChicago’s Near North at-a-glance apartment list and map.

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