These apartments are unbelievable, awesome, amazing

If you scan enough Craigslist ads you’ll find words that are almost always used only by Chicago’s sleazy rental services.

We searched Craigslist ads for each of the following words: amazing, awesome, enormous, fabulous, fantastic, spectacular, unbelievable. We then read the first 20 search results, and all of the ads were placed by rental services.

We’re already seeing results from our Craigslist Apartment Cleanup campaign. A week ago, for example, a Craigslist search for “Eugenie” returned 79 results. Late yesterday the same search returned 11. There are, of course, still many unauthorized ads for Eugenie Terrace at Craigslist, but far fewer that use the name in the ad.

We’re confident that we’ll achieve our goal of purging illegal rental service ads from Craigslist. In the meantime, you can easily spot many of them by the unbelievable claims they make, and skip over them.

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