Announcing McKinley Park Half Day – Come one, come all

Given my previous effort, including this pitiful Wikipedia link, Yo’s truly is declaring that today, from 12.30 p.m. onward is McKinley Park Half-Day.

That’s where I desperately solicit any and all information about McKinley Park, with a view to using it for evil, and also for general dissemination on this Web site. Make us the authoritative source on McKinley Park so that when future homebuyers visit Yo they’ll have a good idea of the kind of neighborhood it is.

I want to hear from McKinley Parkers – tell us about everything good, bad or otherwise in your neighborhood. Tell us about retail, restaurants, schools, housing stock, everything. Sneer at this new link I found and offer me something better. Deluge me with fascinating snippets and quirky tales. Volunteer to become a YoChicago McKinley Park neighborhood journal writer. C’mon, don’t make me beg. It ain’t pretty. Let’s see what we can pull together in one half day. Yo Web site needs you.

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